Gunasheela Fertility Center

Gunasheela is a Surgical and Maternity hospital that houses a team of expert and specialist doctors who are dedicated to help couples combat and overcome fertility issues. We understand how important a baby is for a family. With the most advanced and full-fledged departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Infertility, Embryology, Andrology, Biochemistry and O/T, we are well equipped and self-sufficient with a wide range of the latest diagnostic & therapeutic equipment and offer the best of Faculty, facilities and treatment under the same roof.

Dr. Sulochana Gunasheela’s main focus was to welcome little bundles of joy to the world.While she spent years delivering these little children to happy parents, there was one aspect of it all that broke her heart – that of losing a child. She met with a lot of couples who were unable to conceive, or couldn’t carry the baby to term. She decided to explore options in medical science, to seek some solution. As the odds would have it, this was around the time the medical world had delivered its 1st IVF – or as it was widely known – ‘test tube’ baby.

“Could I bring the technology, and this wonderful opportunity, to couples in India?” she wondered. To answer this question, she set out to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, where she studied ‘Assisted Reproductive Technology’. In 1985, Dr. Sulochana was able to develop her maternity home into something much more and that’s how the Gunasheela Fertility Centre was born. The First-of-its-kind in South India at its conception, the Gunasheela Fertility Centre was equipped with the best reproductive technology the world had to offer at that time. Thirteen arduous years were spent in research and development.

South India’s IVF baby was born on the 5th December 1988. Thus began the ART of creating mothers. The following years saw the good Doctor assisting many, many couples to successfully bring a child to term. This visionary and pioneer became the prominent infertility specialist and thousands of hopeful couples sought her aid. All the while, research continued and the number of women experiencing the ineffable joy of motherhood increased. New developments, new breakthroughs and new infrastructure were just around the corner. Now, the next generation stepped up, and began the initiative of taking the Gunasheela Fertility Centre to the next level. Dr. Devika Gunasheela, daughter and successor to Dr. Sulochana, joined the practice.

1988 to 2018: The 30-year-old saga of helping women enjoy motherhood continues…41 solid years of research. Over 60,000 couples treated, and, over 20000 babies delivered, to the incredible joy of their parents. A staggering success rate of over 55% – 60% !.

What are the firsts of Gunasheela Hospital?

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