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IVF Treatment at Gunasheela

We at Gunasheela have been delving into our patients’ comfort and care for years. The comfort and cosiness come at a great price! Having said that, we mean, we are relentlessly delivering path-breaking systems and processes in the case of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment bespoke to our patients’ need. In other words, we never follow a uniform practice for the IVF treatment of our patients. As a matter of fact, we have a high success rate even in the case of patients who couldn’t conceive through IVF treatment at other clinics or hospitals before.

Why IVF Failure:

If an embryo transfer was done, then the embryo was possibly not implanted properly. Having said that, we mean, the reason for an IVF failure could be an embryo implantation failure. However, it is not known whether the IVF failure was actually owing to the implantation failure, embryo problem, or a uterus problem. According to a study, most of the fertility specialists believe that 95% of IVF failures can be attributed to the embryo arrest that can be caused either by the genetic abnormality of the embryo or its chromosomal abnormality that makes the embryo weak for its normal growth after an implantation.

However, to know the exact reason behind an IVF failure, a patient would need to undergo a pre-implantation genetic screening – PGS. It is essentially a test to check the normalcy of the chromosome. You may be surprised to know that almost 50% of the human embryos meant for IVF treatment bear abnormal chromosomes and such abnormality potentially increases with the female age. You should know here that each human being has a pair of 23 chromosomes and thus, 46 chromosomes in total. This chromosomal abnormality is primarily responsible for 70% of the miscarriages during the early pregnancy.

What We Do:

  • We give custom solution and care to the patients that set us apart from other clinics and hospitals.

  • Our in-house stringent quality check and professional acumen work in the best interest of our patients. As a matter of fact, your chances of conceiving and delivering a baby with us remain very high.

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