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Welcome to our Media Section. Please have a look at the news articles covered by leading publications.about our achievements. Though we have made a mark many peoples lives through our expertise in the past 4 decades, we dont pay much attention to publishing them, however whatever the media planned to cover are captured for your reference. Enjoy exploring our victories and share the news.

21 births in 37 yrs: Family swears by one Hospital

Times of India / Jan 28/2016

On January 20, Varalaxmi’s niece Rupa became the proud mother of a boy, the 21st child from the Joint family born at the Maternity center. Varalaxmi, one of eight siblings-six male and two female- of RK family said she was so impressed by the maternal and post-natal care that she wanted her family’s future births to ……

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New drug based on pure human cell lines make fertility experts and patients happy

India Today / Sept 28/1998

Bangalore is overcrowded and polluted. Though we have established a sophisticated IVF centre, stored semen, eggs and embryos they are prone to bacteria attacks due to infiltration of dust particles. Despite ultra modern techniques we are unable to prevent dust entering the storage points. One dust particle can affect stored egg or semen, spoiling the whole exercise.

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Bangalore: Six Miscarriages and 19 Long Years Later, Lakshmi Gets 2 Bonny Babies!

Mangalorean / August 22 /2013

Gunasheela Hospital based in the city has proudly announced the birth of a baby girl by a woman who was conceived through the husband?s White Blood Cells after 6 Recurrent Pregnancy Losses. This method of treatment was first introduced by Dr Sulochana Gunasheela. Several babies have been born through this treatment at this hospital. 

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Technology to improve pregnancy rates launched

Deccan Herald / Feb 17 /2016

The technology aims to improve pregnancy and live birth rates by screening the embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.

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First Indian IVM baby produced in Bangalore

Times of India / Aug 1 /2003

The baby boy born on July 31 to an infertile couple was produced after immature eggs extracted from the mother’s varies were artificially matured in the Lab. The eggs were then fertilised by direct sperm injection and the resulting embryos implanted in the womb..

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