Understanding Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a key component of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that involves the thawing and transferring of embryos previously frozen to the uterus. This technique is an integral part of the IVF process, allowing for the use of surplus embryos from an initial IVF cycle in subsequent attempts.

FET is an effective option for couples who have had successful IVF cycles and wish to expand their family in the future or for those who did not achieve pregnancy in their first IVF attempt.









Why Choose Gunasheela for Frozen Embryo Transfer?

At Gunasheela Surgical and Maternity Hospital, we specialize in FET, offering patients a second chance at pregnancy using their previously frozen embryos. Our approach to FET is defined by advanced cryopreservation techniques, meticulous thawing processes, and personalized care plans, ensuring the highest probability of success for our patients.

Highlights of
Gunasheela’s Frozen Embryo Transfer

Advanced Cryopreservation Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art freezing methods to preserve embryos with high viability.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Each FET cycle is tailored to the individual's unique reproductive history and requirements.

Experienced Embryologists: Our team of experts is skilled in handling delicate thawing processes and embryo transfer.

Flexible Timing: FET allows for the transfer of embryos at a time that best suits the patient's physical and personal circumstances.

Increased Chances of Pregnancy: FET provides an additional opportunity for pregnancy without undergoing a full IVF cycle.

Comprehensive Support System: Offering counseling and guidance throughout the FET process.

Cost-Effective Option: Reduces the overall cost of fertility treatment by utilizing already available embryos.

Accessible Locations: Facilities in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Bellary, making our services readily available.

Ethical and Patient-Centric Care: Adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics and prioritizing patient comfort.

Holistic Approach to Fertility: Integrating FET as part of a complete range of fertility services, addressing various patient needs.

Our Phenomenally Successful Treatment History for Frozen Embryo Transfer













The Gunasheela Edge in Frozen Embryo Transfer

Choosing Gunasheela for your Frozen Embryo Transfer means entrusting your journey to parenthood to a team that values your dreams as much as you do. Our comprehensive approach to FET is not just about the technicalities of thawing and transfer; it’s about understanding the emotional and physical aspects of your fertility journey. At Gunasheela, we combine our deep expertise in ART with a commitment to providing compassionate, patient-focused care. Our dedicated team ensures that your journey through FET is supported every step of the way, enhancing your chances of success and making your path to parenthood as smooth and positive as possible. With Gunasheela, you’re not just receiving a medical service; you’re gaining a supportive partner in realizing your family aspirations.


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FAQs and Answers

FET is a procedure that involves thawing previously frozen embryos and transferring them into a woman’s uterus to achieve pregnancy. This process follows the freezing of extra embryos from a prior cycle of IVF.

FET is suitable for individuals or couples with surplus embryos from an IVF cycle, those who have faced IVF failure, or those looking to expand their family after a successful IVF cycle. It’s also an option for those undergoing fertility preservation before medical treatments.

Unlike fresh transfers that occur shortly after egg retrieval and fertilization, FET uses embryos that have been frozen and stored. This allows the woman’s body time to recover from ovarian stimulation and can be scheduled at an optimal time for her uterine lining.

Success rates for FET can vary based on factors like the age of the woman at the time of egg retrieval, embryo quality, and uterine receptivity. Gunasheela boasts competitive success rates, thanks to our advanced freezing and thawing techniques.

Benefits include a less physically demanding process compared to a fresh IVF cycle, the opportunity to time the transfer for when the uterus is most receptive, and potentially higher success rates due to the natural state of the uterus during FET cycles.

Embryos are frozen using a rapid freezing technique known as vitrification, which prevents ice crystal formation and preserves the integrity of the embryos. They are then stored in liquid nitrogen until ready for use.

Preparation involves hormonal treatment to prepare the uterine lining for implantation, monitoring of the lining’s development, and timing the thaw and transfer of the embryo(s) to coincide with the optimal implantation window.

FET is considered a safe procedure with few risks. Potential risks are similar to those of a fresh IVF cycle and might include reactions to hormonal treatments and the emotional and physical impact of the treatment process.

Embryos can be stored for many years without significant deterioration in quality. The decision on how long to store embryos often depends on individual circumstances and regulatory guidelines.

Yes, FET can be done using donor embryos. Gunasheela offers comprehensive counseling and support for individuals and couples considering donor embryos for their fertility journey.

The cost of an FET cycle can vary based on individual treatment plans and does not include the initial IVF cycle. Gunasheela provides transparent pricing information and financial counseling.

Gunasheela offers holistic support services, including psychological counseling, nutritional advice, and stress management techniques, to support patients’ emotional and physical well-being throughout the FET process.

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