Understanding Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) stands as a cornerstone in the field of assisted reproductive technology, offering a beacon of hope for many couples grappling with the challenges of conceiving. This fertility treatment, characterized by its simplicity and efficacy, serves as an initial recourse for individuals and couples navigating the complexities of infertility.

The essence of IUI lies in its strategic approach to overcoming common fertility obstacles. By meticulously inserting sperm directly into the uterus, this technique significantly diminishes the journey sperm must embark upon to reach and fertilize the egg. This direct placement is timed to coincide with a woman's ovulatory phase, a period when the chances of fertilization are at their peak. Such precision not only increases the likelihood of conception but also addresses a spectrum of infertility issues with a minimally invasive methodology.









Why Choose Gunasheela?

Gunasheela Hospital's IUI service stands out for its combination of advanced technology, expert medical professionals, and a compassionate approach to fertility treatment. The hospital's fertility specialists, including Dr. Devika Gunasheela and her team, bring years of experience and specialized training in reproductive medicine, ensuring that each IUI procedure is tailored to the unique needs of the couple.

Highlights of
Gunasheela’s IUI Service

Expert Medical Team: Led by seasoned fertility specialists with extensive experience in reproductive medicine.

Ethical and Transparent Practices: Adherence to legal guidelines and maintenance of confidentiality for all patients.

Advanced Andrology Lab: State-of-the-art laboratory facilities for optimal sperm preparation and analysis.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilization of the latest equipment and techniques for sperm processing and insemination.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Each IUI procedure is customized based on individual patient profiles and medical histories.

Comfortable and Safe Procedures: Ensuring a painless and stress-free experience for patients undergoing IUI.

High Success Rates: Gunasheela boasts impressive success rates in IUI, thanks to their meticulous approach and advanced techniques.

Affordable and Accessible Treatment: Gunasheela is committed to providing cost-effective fertility solutions without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Care: From initial consultation to post-procedure follow-up, patients receive continuous support and guidance.

Holistic Approach: Beyond medical treatment, the hospital offers counseling and support services to address the emotional aspects of fertility challenges.

Our Phenomenally Successful Treatment History for IVF / ICSI














At Gunasheela, the focus is not just on the technical aspects of IUI but also on providing a holistic environment conducive to the emotional well-being of couples. The hospital's legacy, established by Dr. Sulochana Gunasheela and carried forward by Dr. Devika Gunasheela and her team, is marked by a commitment to bringing the joy of parenthood to countless families.


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FAQs and Answers

IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination, is a fertility treatment where sperm is directly inserted into a woman's uterus during ovulation. This procedure increases the chances of fertilization by enhancing the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes.

IUI is suitable for couples with unexplained infertility, mild male factor infertility, or women with cervical mucus problems. Our specialists will assess your situation to determine if IUI is the best option for you.

The IUI procedure at Gunasheela involves preparing a sperm sample to concentrate the healthiest sperm, which is then inserted into the uterus through a thin catheter. The process is quick and usually painless.

Success rates vary based on individual factors such as age, fertility diagnosis, and if fertility drugs are used. Gunasheela boasts impressive success rates, thanks to our personalized approach and advanced techniques.

IUI is a relatively safe procedure with minimal risks. Some women may experience mild cramping or vaginal bleeding. Our team ensures the process is as comfortable and safe as possible.

The actual insemination process takes only a few minutes. However, the preparation, including ovulation tracking and sperm sample preparation, takes additional time.

Some patients may benefit from fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation, increasing the chances of successful insemination. Our specialists will advise you based on your specific needs.

It varies; some couples conceive in the first cycle, while others may need multiple attempts. Our specialists typically recommend a certain number of cycles before exploring other options.

The cost varies based on individual treatment plans, including the use of fertility drugs or donor sperm. We provide transparent pricing and financial counseling to help with planning.

Preparation may include fertility drug treatment, regular monitoring through blood tests and ultrasound, and timing intercourse around your ovulation period. Our team will guide you through every step.

We offer comprehensive support, including counseling, nutritional advice, and stress management techniques, to support you emotionally and physically throughout your fertility journey.

If IUI does not result in pregnancy after several cycles, there are several steps we can take next. Our specialists at Gunasheela will reassess your fertility situation to understand any underlying issues that might not have been apparent before. Depending on your specific circumstances, we may suggest advanced fertility treatments such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), which has higher success rates. We also offer counseling and support to help you navigate your feelings and decisions during this time. Our priority is to find the best path forward for you to achieve your dream of parenthood, and we're committed to providing guidance and options every step of the way.

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