Understanding Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation is a proactive approach to safeguarding reproductive potential for individuals who face medical treatments or personal situations that might impact their future fertility. This crucial service includes options like egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation), sperm freezing (sperm cryopreservation), and embryo freezing.

These methods are particularly beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, individuals with genetic conditions affecting fertility, or those who wish to delay parenthood for personal or career reasons.









Why Choose Gunasheela for Fertility Preservation?

Gunasheela Surgical and Maternity Hospital offers comprehensive Fertility Preservation services, combining advanced reproductive technology with empathetic patient care. Our dedicated team understands the importance of future family planning, especially in the face of life-altering medical diagnoses or personal decisions.

Highlights of
Gunasheela’s Fertility Preservation

Advanced Cryopreservation Techniques: Utilizing state-of-the-art freezing technology for preserving eggs, sperm, and embryos.

High Success Rates: Proven track record in successful cryopreservation and future fertility treatments.

Personalized Care Plans: Tailoring preservation strategies to suit each individual's unique situation and needs.

Comprehensive Counseling: Providing detailed consultations to help patients understand their options and make informed decisions.

Expert Medical Team: Our specialists are experienced in the nuances of fertility preservation, providing the highest standard of care.

Flexible Timing: Accommodating urgent requirements, especially for patients undergoing imminent medical treatments.

Ideal for Cancer Patients: Offering hope to cancer patients for future family planning post-treatment.

Accessible Services: With locations in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Bellary, ensuring ease of access for patients.

Ethical and Compassionate Approach: Ensuring informed decision-making and patient-centric care throughout the preservation process.

Holistic Support System: Beyond medical procedures, offering emotional and psychological support to patients during their preservation journey.

The Gunasheela Edge in Fertility Preservation

At Gunasheela Surgical and Maternity Hospital, we recognize that Fertility Preservation is more than a medical procedure; it's a crucial step towards securing your future family dreams. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges and emotions involved in making these significant decisions. We blend the latest in fertility science with a compassionate, patient-focused approach, ensuring that each individual's journey is respected and supported. The Gunasheela edge lies in our commitment to providing hope and solutions, backed by our expertise and dedication to patient care. Trust us to safeguard your fertility with the utmost care and professionalism, paving the way for your future family possibilities.


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FAQs and Answers

Fertility Preservation involves saving or protecting eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue so that a person can use them to have biological children in the future. It's an option for those facing cancer treatment, surgery, or other situations that might affect fertility.

Individuals diagnosed with cancer before starting treatment, those with a family history of early menopause, military personnel, transgender individuals before transition, and those who wish to delay childbearing for personal or professional reasons.

Gunasheela offers several methods, including egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation), sperm freezing (sperm cryopreservation), and embryo freezing after IVF. The choice depends on your personal circumstances and future plans.

Success rates vary depending on the method used, age at the time of preservation, and individual fertility. Gunasheela utilizes advanced technology to optimize success rates for future use of preserved eggs, sperm, or embryos.

Egg freezing involves hormonal stimulation to produce multiple eggs, which are then retrieved and frozen for future use. The process typically takes a few weeks from start to finish.

Yes, Gunasheela offers expedited fertility preservation services for patients who need to undergo urgent medical treatments like chemotherapy. Our team works closely with your medical providers to ensure timely preservation.

Yes, with advancements in technology, fertility preservation is considered safe. Our specialists at Gunasheela ensure that all procedures are performed according to the highest safety standards.

Costs vary depending on the type of preservation method chosen and the number of cycles required. Gunasheela provides transparent pricing and financial counseling to help with decision-making.

Eggs, sperm, and embryos can be stored for many years without significant deterioration. Storage duration may be subject to legal regulations, and our team will discuss this with you.

When you're ready to start a family, your preserved biological material can be thawed and used in assisted reproductive techniques like IVF or ICSI. Gunasheela supports you through every step of this process.

Yes, Gunasheela offers comprehensive support services, including counseling, to help individuals and couples navigate the emotional aspects of fertility preservation and future family planning.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our fertility specialists. They will evaluate your situation, discuss your options, and develop a personalized plan for your fertility preservation journey.

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