Achieve Career Goals Without Sacrificing Fertility: Egg Freezing Now an Option

Dear career driven women...
Dear career driven women… 
If you’re looking for a way to extend your fertility, egg freezing may be right for you. Egg freezing is a process by which a woman can freeze her eggs for up to 10 years to extend her natural fertility window. As technology advances, egg freezing is becoming an increasingly popular method for allowing women to delay childbearing while continuing to pursue their careers. 
Egg freezing is an option for women who know they want to have a family one day, but who want to delay it for now and focus on their professional and personal development. Egg freezing can give you peace of mind that your eggs will be viable in the future when you’re ready to pursue parenthood. 
Moreover, egg freezing not only increases longevity of your fertility, but may also increase your chances of having a healthier pregnancy at a later age. Egg freezing preserves your eggs at a younger age when they have higher chances of fertilization and lower chances of birth defects. Overall, egg freezing is a great option for women who want to keep their options open for the future and want to put their career development and their personal development first. However, it’s important to remember that egg freezing is not a guarantee of future success. Talk to your doctor to know more about the process involved.

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