High Risk Pregnancy

Managing Your High-Risk Pregnancy 

There are essentially two types of pregnancies such as normal pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy is a special case involving the threats on the life of the unborn baby and his/her mother. In other words, a high-risk pregnancy is a cause of concern both for the baby and the mother. You must, therefore, take every precaution with a view to safeguarding the life of the mother and the foetus. It will potentially reduce the threats on the life of the foetus. However, there are instances where both the mother and the foetus died due to the high-risk pregnancy.

In short, a high-risk pregnancy is a case where the foetus and the mother are subjected to complications during the gestation period and those continue till the delivery of the baby. You should, therefore, consult a good gynaecologist here and ensure a 100% compliance with the doctor’s advice. It will potentially reduce the threats on the mother as well as the foetus.

Causes of a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Mother’s age: The age of the mother at the time of conceiving would tell you whether the pregnancy is likely to be a high-risk one or not. Having said that, we mean, if an expecting mother is underage or overage, then chances of a high-risk pregnancy remain bright. Pregnancy after 35 and a teen age pregnancy are likely to be turned out as a high-risk pregnancy. That’s why a family planning in advance is important.
  • Mother’s health: Pre-existing health condition of a would be mother is equally responsible for a high-risk pregnancy. For instance, if a woman is suffering from high blood pressure, HIV, or high blood sugar, pregnancy in her case would by default be a highly risky.
  • Overweight or obesity: Overweight or obese women will find a difficulty to conceive at the first place. Simultaneously, their pregnancy is likely to be highly risky. According to an NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) research, the mother’s obesity causes 15% of the children’s heart problem at birth.
  • Mother’s health during the pregnancy: Mother’s health during the pregnancy is also a cause of concern here. For instance, some expecting mothers fall victim to high blood sugar during the pregnancy.
  • Multiple births: A high-risk pregnancy can also occur when a mother carries more than one foetus at a time.

Guansheela high-risk pregnancy care:

If you are tired of searching for a good hospital for the treatment and care of a high-risk pregnancy, your search ends here with us at the Gunasheela hospital. It is our privilege to let you know that we have brought many firsts to India especially to the South India over the decades. We are running a second generation maternity care hospital. We, therefore, advise you to meet us at the soonest. We undertake all high-risk pregnancy cases and 10-15 percent of such patients keep visiting us daily. Our success rate here is simply unmatched. Meet our eminent doctors at our state-of-the-art facilities

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