Food Safety in Pregnancy and Lactation

Food Safety

Food safety is especially important during pregnancy. Your ability to fight a disease or infection or by enlarge called immunity is lowered during pregnancy and lactation. In addition to that the fetal immune system is not completely developed too. This makes the chances of getting sick more easily, even from eating unsafe food. This is termed as food borne illness.

Food borne illness in the pregnant can be  just symptomatic  like nausea, diarrheoa to severe grade which might even cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

Keep the foods safe for consumption and also avoid food borne illness by following these simple steps

  1. Clean
  • Clean all the vegetables and fruits thoroughly.
  • Pay special attention to the ones those are consumed raw like in salads.
  • Wash hands before and after meal consumption.
  • Also keep the food preparation area clean.
  1. Separate
  • Do not cross contaminate. Clean vegetables and meat separately
  1. Cook
  • Cook food at right temperature.
  • Reduce consumption of partially cooked food ex: bulls eye in egg.
  1. Chill
  • Refrigerate the food properly in closed containers only.
  • Thaw or bring food to room temperature before reheating it again.

However, it is important to create a safe and happy environment when preparing food. Also handle food safely and hygienically.

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