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We are specialize in male fertility like urologists, reproductive endocrinologists, andrologists, and reproductive urologists. Urologists specialize in male reproductive organs, reproductive endocrinologists specialize in hormones related to reproduction, andrologists specialize in male reproductive health, and reproductive urologists specialize in both male and female reproductive health.

We are specialize in male fertility

The tests they may perform to diagnose male fertility issues, and the treatments they may recommend to improve fertility. We will also discuss the importance of a comprehensive male fertility evaluation, and how to find a qualified doctor who can provide the best care.

Our Male fertility specialists 

typically start by taking a detailed medical history, performing a physical exam, and ordering blood tests to check hormone levels, and semen analysis. A semen analysis is an important test used to evaluate sperm count, motility, and morphology. If these tests show abnormal results, then your doctor may order additional tests such as an ultrasound or a biopsy of the testicles to further evaluate the cause of the abnormal results.

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