Egg Freezing: Take Control of Your Fertility and Future

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a reproductive technology that allows women to preserve their eggs and maintain their fertility potential. This process involves extracting and freezing a womans eggs until she is ready to use them. Egg freezing can be used to preserve fertility prior to medical treatments to help women delay childbearing until they are ready.

What are the Benefits of Egg Freezing?

1)The primary benefit of egg freezing is that it gives women the opportunity to preserve their fertility and have a chance at a successful pregnancy when they are ready.

2) Egg freezing can also be used to reduce the risk of passing on genetic diseases to a future child, as eggs can be tested for certain genetic disorders prior to freezing.

3) Additionally, egg freezing can provide peace of mind for women who want to delay childbearing for social reasons, such as pursuing a career or finding a partner.

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