“Failed IVF : A Reality for Many Women “

Sometimes even with all the technology and advancements available, many couples still find that they are unable to achieve successful pregnancy with IVF. There are so many factors that can contribute to a failed IVF cycle, such as poor quality eggs, poor embryo quality, endometrial lining issues, or just a lack of response to the drugs we use for the cycle
1. Poor Egg Quality: Eggs that are not healthy and mature enough may fail to fertilize, fail to implant, or result in miscarriages
2. Poor Sperm Quality: Poor sperm quality can interfere with fertilization and result in failed IVF
3. Low 0varian Reserve: Women with a low ovarian reserve may produce fewer eggs and this can affect the success rate of IVF
4. Genetics: The quality of the embryo created is a factor, and if there are chromosomal or genetic issues, this can affect the success rate of the IVF procedure
5 Embryo Transfer Technique: Poor embryo transfer technique can interfere with fertilization or implantation

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