Looking For An Ideal Infertility Hospital? Here’s A Checklist

Inf hospital

There’s always a checklist to consider before you prefer any class of service or any product. A Few deciding elements when it comes to opting for a hospital and healthcare service, are the essential services, specialized doctors, required facilities, lab personnel & technicians, dedicated staff, available lab and technologies, service reviews, researched facts, success factors, elements of difference, service reputation, quality checks and more.

Preference should be given to the hospital which offers major essential services related to infertility. The essential services include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Maturation (IVM), Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Blastocyst Transfer & More.

Qualified & Specialized Doctors:
Always check details & information about the doctors. Read, research and find out more about doctors, doctor reviews online (digital media) and offline, their qualification, specialization & experience. Most popular and genuine hospitals usually mention all these details about their doctors with their expertise levels and other important details.

Labs, Lab Technicians, Technologies, Equipment & Personnel:
An ideal infertility hospital has advanced labs for research and development to assist in infertility treatment. Andrology, Embryology, Genetics and other essential labs absolutely need to be in-house parts of the hospital. It is essential to look for the availability of dedicated embryologists, andrology technicians, lab personnel, and other facilities.

Over the past few years, the lab technologies have raised to a high level of advancements such as pre-implantation genetic screening, air shower, clean room technology and likewise. It’s more important to consider checking whether the hospital is upgraded with such latest and advanced technologies. The ideal hospital has labs for andrology, embryology, genetics and other essential labs.

Success Rate Of The Hospital & Clinic:
Look for previous history and records of success about the hospital. Consistent success rates and proven track record in terms of the hospital services over the past few years (for ex: 5 yrs, 10yrs etc.), clearly demonstrate the quality of the services and the positive results.

Quality Factors:
Essentially important is to know whether the hospital conforms to the standards such as ISO and other certifications that signify the genuineness, trust and quality of the hospital.

The bottom line is, if you look for all of these factors and number of other assisting factors while choosing the hospital, you are close to getting the treatment successfully done. You can try to find most of the above information online (digital media), news media, news articles, magazines, health magazines, Television, TV interviews with doctors, radio, health expos, camps, public events, references and likewise. So make a better choice.

What Makes Gunasheela Hospital Unique When It Comes To Infertility Treatment Services?

  • In-house state of the art Andrology LabEmbryology LabGenetics Lab. 
  • The first hospital to have introduced the Embryoscope in Karnataka and South India, which was specially bought for the patients who had recurrent IVF failures.
  • Karnataka’s one & only centre with 8 dedicated full-time Embryologists
  • The first private fertility Centre in India to have its own in-house Genetics Laboratory
  • Specialized doctors with valuable experience, expertise and qualification.
  • The consistent & staggering success rate of over 55% – 60%!
  • All major infertility treatment and services under one roof.

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