RI Witness Technology: A Must Know Before IVF

In the growing world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), you may lose track of the advancements happening. IVF is a Go-to fertility treatment infertile couples opt for. Before undergoing IVF, doing a thorough research on approaching a fertility/IVF laboratory is one of the important aspects of the process. In fact, a highly responsible step towards parenthood.

Choosing a right IVF laboratory can save you time and cost, and ensure safety and reliability. Let’s know about an important feature of an IVF laboratory—The RI Witness Technology.

What is RI Witness Technology?

In simple words, RI Witness identify gametes— eggs, sperms, or embryos at every stage of the IVF treatment. A patient’s sample is given a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag which locks the patients identity with the respective sample. A RFID Scanner detects and monitors the tagged samples through and through. Thus, an IVF lab with RI Witness technology, ensure your samples are intact and not mismatched or exchanged.

Sample Mismatch a challenge

There is always a possibility of human error resulting in a mismatch of sperm and eggs or the wrong embryo being transferred. Although IVF centres take the utmost precautions to avoid this there is always a chance. Technology can make this foolproof, that is where the RI Wittness system plays an important role.

Know the Process of RI Witness Technology

With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), RI Witness binds the patient’s identity to the sperms, eggs, and embryos at every stage of the IVF cycle. Thus, samples are under tight surveillance every time they are transmitted from one dish or tube to another. Here’s how the process works.

Step 1: Sample Tracking

During sample tracking, RI Witness read samples placed in multiple dishes simultaneously. This allows the operator to work uninterrupted. When a sample mismatch is detected, the RI system suspends the procedure immediately and alerts the operator with an alarm.

Step 2: Insemination Procedure

Before proceeding with insemination, RI witness validates the identity of the samples. If the samples are found mismatched, the system interrupts the process preventing any potential errors.

Step 3: Transfer Process

Before transferring, the female recipient’s ID card is automatically checked against the embryos. Thus, safeguarding the transmission process.

Are the Radiations in RI Witness Safe for Your Samples?

Embryos and gametes are exposed to the radio frequency waves used in RI Witness technology for a small fraction of time. Thus, they are safe and non-invasive.


RI Witness: A Proven and Validated Technology

The practice of humans double witnessing of samples, to determine the authenticity of the samples without an electronic system, is time consuming, and equally risky, compromising the safety of the IVF process. The study concluded that RI Witness is faster, efficient, and ensured samples are less exposed to incubator than in human double witnessing method, after extensive comparisons between human, barcode and the RI Witness RFID systems.

Pro-tips on Checking if an IVF Centre has RI Witness Installed

    1. Research thoroughly and inquire about the technologies/medical instruments, the IVF centre is equipped with
    2. Do not hurry in choosing an IVF/Fertility Centre prior research
    3. Do not choose a centre only because it is geographically near

What Gunasheela Recommends?

With safety and reliability, being the primarily goals, Gunasheela has offered and recommended its patients the right treatment and services, for four decades. Well-equipped with World Class RI Witness Labs with full time Embryologists, Time Lapse Imaging-Embryoscope, and In-house Genetics lab, Gunasheela has bought smiles to over 60,000 couples and delivered 20000 babies till date. Gunasheela group of hospitals is spread across Bangalore (Basavanagudi and Koramangala), Mysore, and Pune.

RI Witness works as a constant safeguard to reduce human errors and accomplish IVF goals to the highest. Gunasheela, recommends you to sign up only for an IVF laboratory or Fertility Centre equipped with RI Witness technology and be rest assured to take home your own biological child. Because, in the end that’s what matter.

You can also write to Gunasheela at ask@gunasheela.com or directly talk to its team at 080 46462600

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